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The making:
Most of the present production focuses on harpsichords and spinets, carefully modelled after 18th century instruments. Each instrument is the result of a thorough study of original drawings, prints or designs from the finest masters of the past, together with the use of age-old traditional techniques and methods and, whenever possible, according to the sonic and esthetical requirements of today’s performers.

The materials:
The soundboard of all the instruments is in the finest spruce from Val di Fiemme (Italian Alps). On request only, we make Italian instruments with cypress wood. Depending on the models, the body is in solid spruce, linden (basswood), poplar, walnut or cypress wood.
The wrest plank and the bridge are in walnut or beech wood, while registers and jacks, as well as some parts of fortepianos, are made of pear-wood.
Keyboards are made of spruce or beech wood (the latter only for Grimaldi model); the keys are covered with ebony, boxwood and bone veneer.
All woods have previously undergone suitable seasoning.
Every single part of all instruments is made in our laboratory; we only use hot hide glue and titebond glue to assemble the parts, so that there are no screws inside the instruments.
We use French-type jacks with 2 mm cashmere wool dampers.
Tuning pins are made of iron and have a conical shape with a flat, philological head.

We also use philological strings:
Iron FE 99 (Ferro Westalico) strings, Yellow Brass Cuzn30 Stolberg, Cuzn20 Freiberg, Cuzn15 Markisches and CuZn05 Red Brass.

Harpsichord double manual

French Harpsichord after P. Taskin (smaller size)

Scuola Francese, Scuola Francese

French-Style Harpsichord After a P. Taskin model (smaller size) Double manual Range: F1 – f3 Tuning…


French harpsichord – faithful copy after P. Taskin, 1769

French-Style Harpsichord After a P. Taskin model (smaller size) Double manual Range: F1 – f3 Tuning…


Flemish harpsichord after J. D. Dulken, 1755

Scuola Fiamminga

Double Manual Range: F1 – f3 Tuning pitch: a = 415 Hz – 440 Hz…


Harpsichord after M. Mietke, 1700

Scuola Tedesca

German harpsichord after a model of M. Mietke, 1700 Double manual Range: F1 – f3…


Harpsichord single manual

Harpsichord after C. Grimaldi (smaller size), 1697

Single manual Range: G1 / A1 – d3 Tuning pitch: a = 415 Hz –…


Harpsichord C. Grimaldi 1697

Scuola Italiana

Manuals : 1 Extension: G1 / A1 - d3 Transposition: a1 =Hz 392 - 415 -…


French – Flemish Harpsichord

Scuola Franco-Fiamminga

Single manual Range: F1- f3 Tuning pitch: a = 415 Hz – 440 Hz Registers:…



Fretted Clavichord after O. Tosi – Genoa, 1568

Range : C/E-c3 Double-strung Size : 117 x 39 x 15 cm


Unfretted clavichord after J. C. Shiedmayer – Neustadt, 1796

Range : F1 – g3 Double-strung Size : 154 x 48.5 x 13.3 cm



Polygonal Spinet after J. De Perticis – Florence, 1684

Polygonal Spinet after J. De Perticis – Florence, 1684 Single manual Range: C/E-c3 Tuning pitch: a…


Bendside Spinet after J.H.Silbermann – Strasbourg, 1767

Bendside Spinet after J. H. Silbermann – Strasbourg, 1767 Single manual Range: F1 – f3…



Fortepiano after J. A. Stein – Augsburg 1773

Fortepiano after J. A. Stein – Augsburg, 1773 Range : F1 – r3 Double-strung Size…


Fortepiano after Anton Walter – Wien, 1795

Fortepiano after Anton Walter – Wien 1795 Range: F1 – g3 Size: 220 x 100…



Double manual harpsichords: from € 13,500.00
Single manual harpsichords: from € 8,000.00
Bentside spinets: from € 5,500.00
Polygonal spinets: from € 4,500.00
Unfretted clavichords: from € 6,500.00
Fretted clavichords: from € 4,500.00
Fortepianos (after A. Walter): from € 3.000,00


Depending on the model, dismountable table-stand or unscrewable turned legs.
Traditional paintwork with gilded frames.
Tuning key.
Spare plectrums and strings.

Table-stands in original style: price to be agreed with the customer.

Real gold leaf on frames and panels, both on sides and cover: + € 800.00

Decorations on the sides + € 600.00

Copy of decorations/subjects chosen by the customer: price to be agreed.

Travel semi-soft case: + € 350.00


Terms of sale: all instruments are supplied with a 2-year guarantee (5-year for the structural parts). Delivery according to the time specified in the order. Price is not inclusive of VAT and shipment. Payment can be made in instalments.