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The following instruments are available for rent.  For any information, please call +39 347 3223038 or send a request via the contact section.

French Harpsichord
Double Manual
Range: F1 – f3
Tuning pitch: a = 415 Hz – 440 Hz
Registers: 2×8′ + 1×4′ + lute

Viennese Fortepiano
After Anton Walter, 1795
Range: F1- g3
2 knee-levers

Italian Harpsichord
After Carlo Grimaldi, 1697
Single manual
Range: GG – c”’
Tuning pitch:  a = 415 Hz – 440 Hz
Registers:  2 x 8′

Maintenance, Making and Restoration of Ancient Keyboard Instruments

We undertake the restoration and maintenance of our own keyboard instruments and instruments made by other manufacturers. Both restoration and maintenance may be undertaken at our laboratory or at the customer’s home. The cost will be agreed with the client, as it may vary according to the specific requirements for the maintenance, the making and the mending of the instruments.